The world's first Vietnam veterans memorial?

Semmes, AL

We served our time in Vietnam with the U.S. Army. While we were doing that, we erected what we believe to be the world’s first Vietnam veterans memorial - erected in-country by U.S. servicemen. Placed on the vertical piece was a brass plaque attesting to the fact that this memorial was “in honor of the US Servicemen” who had fought in Vietnam.
The plaque was dated “28OCT1968.”
And we’re proud of it.

Participating in this project were;
Bill Atkeison, now living in Semmes, Ala.
Larry Trusty, now living in Dayton, Ohio
Eddie Ledden, now living in Largo, Fla.
Wayne Wylie, now living in St Paul, Minn.
Will Padgett, now living in Goose Creek, S.C.
Chuck Bennett now living in Alpena, Mich.
Jim Carwell, possibly living in South Carolina
Gust Teague, deceased NOV 2013, in Fairfield, Ohio
Bob Gorse, deceased 10 SEP 2016 in Pittsburgh
Jim Fox, deceased 2010, in Little Rock, Ark.
Dave Behrens, deceased 2010, in Milwaukee

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