Living History Veterans Art Project

Ossining, NY

For the past four years, veterans have been visiting the Ossining High School art rooms for a project called The Living History Veterans Project. This is a two-day project where students interview, share their artwork with the veterans, eat lunch together and photograph and scan images from the veterans' war experience. The students then have two weeks to create a piece of artwork visualizing the veterans stories.

On the second and final day, the veterans and their families as well as the students and their families, come together for a final presentation. During this presentation, the students share their personalized artwork with each veteran. It is a very emotional yet satisfying event where the veterans feel thankful that the students took the time to recognize them. The overall lesson in this project is that people should use their talents to help others.

Introduction video created by Will Gillman:

Smugmug gallery created by Mr. Quirgo:

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