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York, PA

“Whirlwind of Angels”

There wasn’t just one Angel that came to my aid that morning; there were 5 or more, and I caught a glimpse of them with my own eyes. Until now, few have known about what I saw. I have been drawing and painting it over and over again during home therapies, patiently waiting for the right time to share my amazing vision with the world.
I believe this was the last thing I saw before being hoisted onto the ambulance gurney.
I took one last look up at that beautiful baby-blue sky. In between two puffy white clouds, I saw a shimmering “whirlwind” of dark bronze human-like winged beings flying upward in a counterclockwise formation. They had sandals on their feet and the last one was wearing some sort of white anklet.
It was as if their work saving me had been done, and they were returning to the heavens.
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