No money, no problem for veteran's sewer repairs

Wolcott, NY

I am the service officer for American Legion Post 881. On Dec. 11 I received a call from a Vietnam veteran. This man lives alone in his house in Sodus Point, he is disabled and recently had been hospitalized for over a month with COVID and related issues. On his return home he found his toilet would not flush. A plumbing company from Newark responded and found his sewer line was plugged with roots as well as broken by roots. They quoted the repair for $2,500. There were no funds for this and he contacted me to assist. Our post did not have such an assistance program, and it did not appear to me that he fit into any program the Legion had at other levels - no children, not a disaster, etc. I attempted to negotiate with this plumbing company, with no luck. At this point I placed a plea out to the Legion Family at Post 881. Within hours I knew we could raise the money needed, but before this happened we had two contractors approach us and offer to help. Within four days, not only was his sewer line replaced at about 20 percent of the estimate, but the Legion Family and his neighbors raised way over the amount necessary. This was done in the true Christmas spirit and on behalf of the homeowner and American Legion Post 881 in Wolcott. Thank you.

Bill Bolling, service officer

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