Pictures of the 4 Chaplain medals presented by President Eisenhower


John J. Morris Post 62 does 4 Chaplains Ceremony for Sons of the American Revolution

Peoria, AZ

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, members of John J. Morris Post 62 in Peoria, Arizona, volunteered to do 4 Chaplains educational ceremony for the Sons of the American Revolution in Sun City West, Arizona. Half of the room were also veterans, and while some knew of the 4 Chaplains, the majority did not. It was very moving and everyone in attendance watched and learned. If the story of the 4 Chaplains does not move you, I do not know what will. It was an honor to take part in the ceremony and meet the audience.

Post 62 Commander Tom McClain portrayed Alexander David Goode.

Post 62 Chaplain Brett Hauf portrayed Clark Vandersall Poling.

Post 62 Historian Dwight Amery portrayed John Patrick Washington.

Closing prayer with a moved crowd from Sons of the American Revolution. It was so interesting hearing their heritage stories.
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