Commander Garcia welcomes the members.


Post 21 declares 2024 to be the Year of the Warrior!

Holley-Riddle Post 21 - The Colony, TX

Holley-Riddle Post 21 in The Colony, Texas, held its first “Rebuilding Warriors” wellness session on January 25, 2024.

At their last monthly meeting, Commander Mary Garcia declared 2024 to be the Year of The Warrior. “We will make it a priority to find ways to help our Legionnaires and post Family members regain their warrior identity through personal development of mind, body and spirit. We will find that inner warrior that we may have forgotten about in the last several years.” Focused on rebuilding physical strength, mental acuity and emotional balance, these sessions provide a comprehensive approach to health and vitality.

Dr. Brennan Riche and Dr. Matt Ortega, from Kinetic Centre Dallas, and Kay Simms, professional trainer and partner of Outlaw FitCamp, were guest presenters.

Dr. Riche and Dr. Ortega performed a free computerized walking gait analysis to every participant and spoke on the benefits of walking, balance and movement. Kay Simms focused on nutrition and how to safely begin workouts at home or at a gym after not being active for a while. She gave examples of exercises and activities that promote increased mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

The main takeaway by all participants was you are never too old, and it is never too late to rebuild the warrior in you!

Walking gait analysis

Dick Ensweiler discusses his gait analysis with Dr. Riche.

Doctors Matt Ortega and Brennan Riche brief the audience.

Kay Simms encourages members to get active.
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