Clarksville, Tennessee, American Legion Posts Deal with Deadly Tornadoes

Clarksville, TN

It’s been several weeks since deadly tornadoes hit Clarksville, Tennessee. The American Legion is here, helping people impacted by the storms.
In total, the tornado killed four people and injured 61 others along its path of 47.76 miles (76.86 km) while reaching a maximum width of 600 yards (550 m). A staggering 114 homes were destroyed while another 857 were damaged, and at least 20,000 people were without power after the tornado in Clarksville alone. Several members of CSM Gary W. Crisp Post 289 and Lonnell Williams American Legion Post 143 provided shelter, relief supplies, and a shoulder to lean on and will continue to support people in the weeks and months to come. Members of the post also helped out at the city emergency center.
Thanks to the generosity of our membership, The American Legion is offering financial assistance for those who are qualified and need help recovering and whose primary residences were destroyed or sustained eligible structural damage. The American Legion National Emergency Fund is not meant to replace or repair items, only to meet most immediate needs (i.e., temporary housing, food, water, clothing, diapers, etc.) during the period immediately following the disaster. For more information about The National Emergency Fund, contact American Legion Headquarters Internal Affairs: (317) 630-1330.
Locally, here in Clarksville, Commander Marc Mathes of Post 289 presented the local Charter of YAIPAK PROJECT PATRIOT HOPE a check for $2500.00 in donations for our city's homeless veterans and tornado victims. According to local reports, it indicates that 455 homes were either destroyed or suffered major damage.
American Legion Post 289 donated 30 cots to Post 143 to set up a sleeping area in their post building. The post’s emergency Buddy Check team went into action to check on all post members. In one case, a generator was set up and loaned to a post member because of the loss of power to his house for days. Our local Sons of the American Legion stepped up and organized clean-up teams along with our local Legion riders.
YOU CAN HELP people affected by disasters like tornadoes by making a gift to the American Legion National Emergency Fund or directly to any local American Legion post. Donations enable the Legion to respond to and help people. Visit, for local donations. About 250 Army families at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, were displaced after the tornadoes there.

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