10th District Sergeant at Arms/Post 331 Commander Michael Strand.


First female commander at Joe Kott Post 317, Jarrell, Texas

Jarrell, TX

On July 18, 2023, the first female commander, Mary Simek, was installed at Joe Kott Post317 in Jarrell, Texas. This post was founded Feb. 17, 1938, and named after a local veteran killed in action.

Department Historian Shirley Platt delivered greetings from Department Commander Toohey. Michael Strand - 10th District sergeant-at-arms and commander from Post 331 in Manor - swore in the new board members.

Submitted by: Shirley Platt

L- R: Larry Raeper - Judge Advocate, Judith Estrada-Garcia - Service Officer, Don Christy - Member at Large, Lisa Howes - Finance Officer, Mitch Howes - Member at Large, Anthony Van Noy - Chaplain, Bobby Lewis - 1st Vice Commander, Natasha Lewis - Adjutant, Frankie Simek - Sergeant-at-Arms, Mary Simek - Commander.
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