It Happened One Day

The walls shook with angry vibrations coming from our Drill Instructor, (DI), as each one of us stood in line outside his office waiting our turn to enter and receive our dues. We had become complacent and left our training manuals behind after being instructed to keep them with us at all times and our DI caught us.

Now it was my turn. I mustard all of my military bearing, (which was not much), and entered. Knowing not to speak until the DI looks up at me, I stood at attention and waited. "He's the first one to do it right." said the second DI in the room.

Having missed seeing my entrance, I was asked in a calm voice to exit and come back in. I stepped out to see my buddies in shock as the yelling had gone away. I quickly told them I had to go back in and proceeded to do everything right. I received a verbal warning of failing to follow lawful orders and was dismissed. T

he verbal abuse soon restarted after my departure and continued until everyone of us had run the gauntlet.

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