First day of basic training

I went to the U.S. Navy Great Lakes boot camp in October 1965. Being from a very small town in Ohio (only 1 stoplight), I was surprised to discover that I had been grouped with a large number of “big city” boys from NY & PA. We were immediately assigned to an old WWII transit barracks (Camp Berry), and one of the first things the drill instructor did was to throw a sheet out on the floor and order everyone to deposit their “weapons” in a pile, as they were not permitted in boot camp. I could not believe how many different-sized knives & brass knuckles suddenly materialized! It was indeed an eye-opener for a country boy! What a surprise I had later when I learned that they’d never seen a live cow before! The guys all turned out to be terrific fellows and boot camp was indeed memorable for us all. I ultimately ended up in Radioman “A” School in Bainbridge, Md., with future assignments to USS Serrano out of Pearl Harbor & NavComSta Guam - (turned out to be the best job ever). Go Navy!

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