Tank Hill

I reported to basic training at Fort Jackson, S.C., on 24 Jul 70. I was assigned to E-5-1 at the bottom of Tank Hill. I was an acting squad leader, and after one particularly hot and tiring day I decided a couple of cold beers would really cure what ailed me. Well, the PX at the top of Tank Hill was off-limits except for weekends. I proceeded through the other companies' areas and cooled my thirst. Not sure why I didn't go back the same way; I decided to take the street this time. Not a bright move. I heard a voice behind me, and it was our field 1st Drill Sergeant Holloway. "What the hell are you doing out of the company area troop?" "Well, a couple of guys were out of toothpaste, Drill Sergeant," I replied. "Get your a-- back to the company area, understood?" "Yes, Drill Sergeant."
I am pretty sure he wasn't buying the toothpaste line!!

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