Heads over heels, Company 353 fall down

Close to the end of boot camp in Great Lakes, at the end of November 1981, it was banking day for our unit before going on to our next journey/ class/training. We were excited. as we were approaching the end of basic. It was a rainy day and Company 353 marched under the bridge to the bank. It was right before dark when we were all done banking and anxious for some chow; the chow hall was about to be closed. Unbeknownst to us and our stomachs, we failed miserably to realize that underpasses freeze, as well as overpasses, before road surfaces. Funnily and sadly, the whole unit fell as a unit on the icy walkway. I think a couple of recruits were unable to finish due to sprained ankles. Even funnier, the company commander drove his car and did not get to witness the fun.

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