American Legion Post 22 Honor Guard receives Certificates of Appreciation from VA Ft Logan



Northglenn , CO

On any given Tuesday, if you happen to be at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado, you will see a group of volunteers providing dignified honors for fallen/departed comrades. They are the honor guard from American Legion Post 22 in Northglenn, Colorado. The administration at Fort Logan reached out to the Post 22 honor guard captain. With honor guards diminishing at an alarming rate, they asked if Post 22 would be willing to commit to Tuesdays for services. Post 22 stepped up and now they do services all day, every Tuesday.

This team is well-rounded. Not only do they perform the 3-round volley and play taps, but they have also stepped up and folded and presented the flag. They are known for their recitation of the 13 folds in conjunction with the folding of the flag. The Post 22 honor guard is made up of Legionnaires. Almost all of them are from the Vietnam War era, many of whom served in Vietnam. The team is comprised of all branches of services.

This team has performed anywhere from 1 to 11 services in one day. This has been done while snow is falling with temperatures below freezing, pouring down rain and temperatures near 100 degrees. Their belief is that it is their duty to provide these veterans the proper honors they so deserve. To them, "weather permitting" is not an option. In 2023, this team performed 450 dignified honors and other ceremonies. There have been numerous occasions when a funeral home or a family has reached out to request their services. Much of the time these requests come with as little as one day notice. More often than not, Post 22 honor guard is able to provide honors.

Post 22 honor guard is not limited to the services they perform at Fort Logan. They have traveled to Loveland, Erie, Golden, Brighton, Longmont, Castle Rock and many other areas within Denver Metro area to provide needed honors and perform ceremonies. They have performed ceremonies at senior living centers and visited some of the residents at these facilities. They have presented colors at different locations for memorial dedications and events in Westminster, Thornton and Northglenn, as well as numerous Legion functions. They even stopped at the "Wall That Heals" to pay tribute and remember comrades lost.
On Veterans Day, they have gone to Mountain Range High School, presented colors and opened up a Q&A for the students. This team stays busy. They are proud of what they do. Ask any of them.

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