Three Generations of Legionnaires

New Berlin, WI

I've followed my family legacy in being a Legionnaire. My grandfather, Boyd W. Stone, Sr. was a veteran of WW I (2nd Div.) and WW II (2nd Military Railway Service in the ETO) and was Commander of Terminal Railroad Post 85 in St. Louis, Mo in 1938. My Dad, Boyd W. Stone, Jr (5th Army Airforce, Pacific) was a veteran of WW II and Korea and held many offices with Thoman Boothe Post 338 in Overland, MO. I, Donald R. Stone, served during the Vietnam era and am a Past Commander of New Berlin, WI Post 488, and Historian for District 1 of the Wisconsin American Legion Riders. Dad and grandpa brought me up right and we've always been flag wavers and proud Legionnairs. The attached picture is Dad and Grandpa during 1945 right after Dad was commissioned as a bombardier.

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