Robert Pergson, WWI veteran 1917-1919 (14 months) with Allied France against Germany. Proud of him,


My grandfather Robert Pergson, World War I veteran

Willows, CA

We accepted an Invitation from VFW Post 1770 to Willows Memorial Hall, dedicated in 1930 to World War I veterans in Willows, Calif. I'm in the wheelchair; on the left is Dan Roach, World War II veteran, and behind me is my brother Bob Pergson and sister Barbara G. "Pergson" Estes.

Roach and Cindy Holly took World War I artifacts they had stored in the VFW Willows office, and invited me from the SAL to represent my grandfather Robert Pergson. a World War I veteran.

Grandfather: Robert Pergson
Enlistment Date: 9-22-1917
Discharge Date: 8-12-1919, honorable
Date of Death: June 28, 1943
American Legion William David Hood Post 54, Coolidge, Ariz.
Service Officer: TM Culver
Rank: Private

Leo W. Pergson "Buddy"
Member of SAL, Post 54

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