Veterans Memorial Hall ( Built 1892 ) by G.A.R. Ironton, Oh.

433 - Ironton, OH

Our post was approached by the Mayor and City Council of this town to take on the task of restoring this magnificent stone structure. We accepted the challenge and are currently working on it. The exterior walls are stone and three feet thick at the base.

The building sits on a city block in this town. It is 21,000 square feet inside the building.

The building will belong to the Legion via a 501 c 3 corporation that we formed. The trustees are myself ( commander ), 1st Vice and my Adjutant.

There are approximately 3 million Legion members in the US. Our strategy has been to get every Legion member to donate $1 per member. Thus, no one or no post has to divert their funds from designated charities to help us.

The posts in Ohio have been very good to us. I am driving 200 miles this weekend to pick up a check for $ 500. I contacted them via email and made my pitch and bingo, they have money for us. They want to meet me and talk with me about the Hall. All we need is exposure to our brother veterans, the project sells itself.

If you need more information about this project, our website is loaded with pictures and newspaper articles about this venture. If you want to donate direct, you can send a check to: Veterans Memorial Hall Restoration Fund
National City Bank
110 S. 4th Street, Ironton,Oh.


Thank you,

Jim Volgares, Commander Post 433, Ironton,Ohio

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