Finding Bomb Boogie: A Daughter's Search to Rediscover Her Father - the World War II Bomber Boy, Prisoner of War, and American Veteran

How often has it been said - my father was in World War II but didn’t want to talk about it? The sounds of silence related to personal war stories reverberated in so many veterans’ households. Families were left knowing only bits and pieces of their loved one’s war narrative. Some were left with nothing at all.

Finding Bomb Boogie is the story of a daughter discovering her father’s war history long after he is gone - the quiet World War II veteran and tail gunner on a B-17 named “Bomb Boogie” flying bombing missions over Nazi-occupied Europe, the bomber boy of 21 years, scared of heights, parachuting twice out of a plane to his eventual capture by the Germans, the resilient airman held in a prisoner of war camp for 22 months who spent his 24th birthday on a forced march in one of the coldest winters in over 50 years, the daredevil who rolled down a hill during the march to escape detention in another prison camp, and the tired, emaciated young man who finally made it home only to fight more battles. Finding Bomb Boogie will inspire anyone interested in breaking through their own sounds of silence to find their veteran’s stories before they quietly slip away. Lest we forget.

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