Granddaughter carries American flag

Jack Lubbers, Vietnam veteran and member of Post 397, celebrates his 70th birthday this December. Granddaughter Madison Foster wants to wish him a special birthday with this article. Foster has been riding horses since she was 3 years old, and plans to ride on a college team. Most of the time horse shows will fall on a holiday; one Labor Day weekend Madison was asked to carry the American flag in the arena during the national anthem. This has now become a tradition and honor for Foster to carry flag during shows at Labor Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day weekends. Madison loves to come home and show grandpa her photos and video of when she carries the flag. Foster wanted to do something special for grandpa's 70th birthday, Lubbers enjoys reading The American Legion Magazine, so with the help of mom and grandma she got an article in the magazine for grandpa. Foster says, " I take pride in carrying the American flag and think of my grandpa and all that have made it possible for me to do this, I thank all of you." "Happy birthday Grandpa!"

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