Rider Lester Brewer presents Legionnaire Jim Althouse, Chairman of the Virginia American Legion Riders.and Randy Gunn, ALR Virginia Assistant Director Eastern Region a very special dollar.


All Donations – Large and Small

Richmond, VA

Riders from across the Department of Virginia recently completed a two-day event known as the Virginia In State Legacy Scholarship Run. During the ride this year they stopped for fuel at the Citgo Gas Station on Virginia Avenue in Crewe, VA. This year required extra skill as the temperatures rose over the 100-degree mark. But that did not discourage them from gathering over 120 bikes for a 595-mile trip throughout Virginia.

Despite the harsh conditions, the spirits of the riders were buoyed at each stop along the way as they received donations for the cause. While water was essential to keeping the riders hydrated, their biggest boost came from the most unlikely sources. While all the donations received were important, Rider Lester Brewer highlighted one particularly memorable event that occurred at one of the gas stops. After explaining the purpose of the bikes and the ride to some parents at the gas stop, the young man that was with them gave Lester one dollar. While the dollar amount pales in comparison to the total collected, it was most likely significant to the young man who donated. Lester recounted the event the following day and presented the dollar to Randy Gunn, ALR Virginia Assistant Director Eastern Region.

There are too many people to list individually who donated to this terrific event. All donations, both large and small, contributed to the Virginia American Legion Riders surpassing the $25,000 donated last year for the National American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund.

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