Kent Island AL Post 278: "Where Every Day is Veteran's Day"!

Kent Island Post 278 - Stevensville, MD

The Kent Island American Legion Post 278 along with the Kent Island Fishing Club, Chapter 7, and a host of community volunteers hosted a wounded warrior weekend for three military veterans wounded in combat that are currently going through rehabilitation at Walter Reed Medical Center.

The wounded Iraq vets enjoyed an entire weekend of fishing, festivities and fun. On behalf of many of the watermen living in our community they opened up their boats, provided captains and all the fishing gear all donated freely for our vets to experience a fabulous day of fishing for Rockfish on opening day. The marinas in Stevensville donated all the gas for the boats and the fishing expedition was a huge success. Over 15 fish (the smallest weighing in at 26 lbs) were caught that day.

Later that evening KAIL Post 278 hosted an AYCE Shrimp Feast/Banquet opened to the entire community where over 300+ community members attended to salute these brave heroes. During the course of the evening fundraiser, over $11,0000 was raised to purchase two top of the line hand trykes for the amputee center at Walter Reed.

KIAL Post 278 is truly a giant in our community. We are ready, willing and able to assist our vets near and far and our community at the drop of the hat, even more so in these economically challenging times. Our doors are always open to those who should find themselves need help! We believe that we are truly representitive of a Legiontown!

We extend a heartful invitation and invite everyone to stop by and visit us if you are ever in the area, because at Post 278 in Stevensville, Maryland..."Every Day is Veterans Day!"

See Ya around the Lounge!

Commander Nikki!

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