American Legion 36 Sapulpa, OK

Fry-Ward-Quinton Post 36 - Sapulpa, OK

We have less than 200 members but we work very hard to help our troops and the veterans in our area.

Some of the things that we are doing or have in the plans is as follows.

September 11, 2009 we (Legion members and aux) along with the VFW, DAV and Blue Star Mother stood on the main intersection in Sapulpa and handed out flags and to remember 9-11 and all our young men and women that are serving our great nation.

The MCJROTC held their annual fundraiser this weekend and raised $5,000.00 to help pay for their travel. The young men and women served people just like they were in a restaurant, and it only cost $5.00 for "all-you-could-eat." They were some hard working kids.

We are now preparing for our 8 Homeless Veterans Stand down. We provide them with a hot meal, clothing, hair cuts, legal aid,flu shots, and many more things.

We have our annual Veterans Day breakfast for veterans and family and friends. This is at no cost to them. We only ask that they attend our Veterans Day program at 11 a.m.

Then comes the Christmas parade in which we are the sponsor this year.

Then we slow down a little and then we help with the Loyalty Day parade which is May 1 at 1 p.m.

We are also the ones who put the flags out on our main streets.

So you can see a small group can do things to help promote The American Legion to the public. We are here to stay and help our area.

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